March 31, 2018

SPP EPISODE 3 of 2018 - Dan Tortora & Eric Bunch offer their opinions on where “The Walking Dead” has taken us

1st Segment - "Rapid Fire" Signature Segment where they ask one another questions in a quick setting that center around the theme of the show, this time around being questions having to do with Dan & Eric being in the world of "The Walking Dead".

2nd Segment - Conversation on "The Walking Dead", discussing disliked characters, Rick Grimes, Negan, where the story has evolved to, a major hole in the show that has not been filled, & more

3rd Segment - "For Your Amusement" Signature Segment where Dan & Eric speak on amusement parks, rides, games, virtual reality, & so much more. In this episode, they share their excitement for their upcoming trip to Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire experience provided by The Void

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